CSP v2.3 – CHIP Station Portable

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Play games on CHIP like you’ve never done it before with the CSP

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The CSP v2.1 is a community tinker project that will convert a Sony Playstation Portable (1001/2/3/4) [PSP] into a home for CHIP to run your software and also play all the games you want with an awesome controller!

The Board will fit into the original housing and connect to the original PSP buttons / display / charger / battery / speaker / LEDs and add a micro SD jack. The build process requires a fair amount of tinker time and tools. The PSP was never build to carry a CHIP and some minor modifications are required. Please read this article: howto

The CSP v2.1 should (unlike v1) also support the analog thumbstick and fix a bug that discharged the battery quickly. But the version 2.1 has NOT been tested. It’s possible that there are bugs on the board or that some main function will not work, so you’re buying at your own risk (but I’m convinced that everything will be awesome). CHIP and PSP are not included.

I’ll support every tinkerer and answer all the question in the forum

The CSP has already been featured and

It’s tinker time!

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