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Kolja Windeler
Muehlenstr 8a
29342 Wienhausen

Telefon: 0151/14463852
E-Mail: chipdipshop@gmail.com

Steuer – Nr 17/148/11848
Kein Ausweis von Umsatzsteuer, da Kleinunternehmer gemäß § 19 UStG.

Hinweis auf EU-Streitschlichtung

Zur außergerichtlichen Beilegung von verbraucherrechtlichen Streitigkeiten hat die Europäische Union eine Online-Plattform (“OS-Plattform”) eingerichtet, an die Sie sich wenden können. Die Plattform finden Sie unter http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. Unsere Emailadresse lautet: chipdipshop@gmail.com
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Kein in Verkehrbringen in Deutschland

Bitte lest euch den Artikel WEEE-Anmeldung durch, dann werdet ihr verstehen, warum ich keine Waren in den deutschen Verkehr bringen werde.


About this shop and myself

Hey chipsters,

thanks a lot for your interest in this website. This project started when I received my first CHIP and saw some power issues. I am an EE so I just thought that I’d build a powered USB hub for myself. Later, people showed a lot of interest in this board and asked if I could build one for them and that pretty much founded this shop and the Queso.

I’m still a single guy, soldering theses boards in the basement for you. I’m only charging you the cost, that I have paid for the parts. I’m not charging you for my time (and this hobby costs a lot of time) so if you want to help me: buy some bananas. I also test every single board that I send you, to ensure that I’ve done everything I possibly can.

I’ve talked to my local post office and they offered pretty remarkable low rates (~$7 for international shipping) but without warranty and without tracking.

To sum it all up: I’ll do my best to build good board and test them, but I can’t guarantee that they will work for you. You can send them back (you pay for shipping) and I’ll reimburse you your money for all ordered goods (but not for shipping). I’ll give my very best to pack all products as good as possible, but I can’t do anything if the packets get damage / stolen or lost. 

If you don’t like those rules, please don’t order anything here.
Thanks, JKW