New CSP, Tzatziffy, Humus, Queso Dips

Hey Chipsters, I’ve rebuild all the flavors as promised!
The CSP (ChipStationPortable) is here in Version 2.2 and I’ve tested all 18 boards.
As usual sound, display, power system, SD card and controls work fine but this time
the thumb-stick circuit works as well .. sort of.

I have no idea why Sony choose such an odd rubber based connection mechanism ..
You can see it in the picture on the left: The pad is supposed to connect the pads
on the board to the thumb-stick .. and that part doesn’t work very reliable with the CSP.

The pads seam to be in the correct stop but only one of my two PSP was working fine.
It is possible to connect the two with tiny wires (tested) but if you ask me: It’s not worth it 🙂

I personally prefer the up-down-left-right pads and those will work out of the box!


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  1. I guess Sony nowadays also doesn’t have any idea why they used the conductive rubber construction for the dpad, because they only used it in the PSP-1000 and in every newer model, they used a flex+flexconnector construction. Fact is that even with an original, new PSP-1000, the thumbpad connection proved to be problematic. It was very sensitive to flexing of the case and a loose screw already meant that it was not reliable anymore.

    Congrats with this new version, you put a lot of hard work in it! Thanks!

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