Restocked Tzatziffy / SD Only / CSP

Hi Chipsters, all pre-ordered Tzatziffy’s (also the SD version) have shipped !

They are on the way to you and I can’t wait to see what you do with them.
This also means that the order status for the Tzatziffy has change to “in stock“.

Also all “CHIP station Portable (CSP) – tinker kits” have shipped. I hope so see many questions, success stories and discussion appearing in the next few weeks (about 2 weeks of shipping) in the forum. It turned out that the board-success-rate was a little higher then usually. I use to offer only 90% of the planned board online, due to the risk of wrong assembly or missing parts / malfunctions. The CSP hat 100% uses so I have three extra CSP kits which are available now.

I’ve reordered and received the Onion board that I want to use to build some home automation stuff on chip.

Happy tinkering!

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