The holy grail – 100% success rate with Tzatziffy v8

Hey Chipsters!

I’m extremely proud to tell you that I’ve finally found a 100% working solution for a solder free PocketChip add-on board.
It took 12 different approaches (6x Tzatziki, 6x Tzatziffy)  but this time all boards are sitting tight and connects to the pins just perfectly.

This means two thing:

  • I have 8 new SD-only boards available in the shop as of now
  • I can reorder working boards for our community (if required) and don’t have to hope that at least 5/25 will work

Installation requires a bit “force” but actually not too much, I’ve tested every single board and all worked fine. But please be aware that this is still beta stage. I can not guarantee that boards are working on your PocketCHIP so you are buying a prototype! You can also help me by letting me know if it worked out at your PocketCHIP. All feedback, here and in the forum is welcome and will help others to gain or lose confidence 🙂

NTC has also release the new 4.4 with alpha 3D support for pocketchip. This version make it a lot easier to use the SD card. I’ve added some easy installation steps at shop.

One last line item: I’ve received some mails in the last time, asking for more boards (100+ orders) and availability. A person even complained that I didn’t answer within 5 hours so I want so set some thing straight.

  • I’m a single guy, tinkering in his basement on CHIP boards
  • I have no connection to NTC other that I like C.H.I.P. and I want to improve it to make the most of it!
  • This is only my hobby, I have a day-job to earn my money and that job has to have priority during business hours
  • I’m actually not making money with this hobby, so if you like my work, please read this (thanks again to fordsfords for standing up!)
  • I’ll try to help you to solve all problems that you have with the boards I build but I can’t promise that they work for you
  • Please try and get help in the forum first, there might already be the solution waiting for you!


PS: Again, Feedback is welcome!


  1. Hi, I am just getting around to installing my SD-only card, and it’s one of the red ones. I just wanted to double check that the correct orientation is like the picture above, for the red ones also?


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