TZATZIFFY: Adding external volume control

The Tzatziffy has a build-in 3W audio amplifier that can be connected to some small speakers and  sometimes its handy to control those speaker not via software, but via hardware. The Tzatziffy has a external control port for this purpose and I’ll show you here how to use it.

I’ve used a stereo 10k potentiometer and some simple wires as shown below

The first step is easy, I’ve removed some insulation and tinned the wires a little bit.


The default configuration on the Tzatziffy is to bridge the external potentiometer connections, so my second step was to cut these two brides. They are highlighted in the silkscreen with a little dash as shown on my blade and a little below.

My last step was to connect those wires to the potentiometer. I’ve combined both right pins of the potentiometer and connected them to the pin with the label “G”. The center tabs of the potentiometer to “Li”/”Ri” and the left pins to “Lo”/”Ro”. I’ve connected the left to the upper deck and right lower but that doesn’t matter at all.


Here is a small clip in action

PS don’t forget to unmute the speaker first

sudo /opt/CHIP_TZATZIFFY/scripts/


    • I’ve seen that more people are interested in a full blown Tzatziffy and will order new boards today. I guess they could be available in roughly 4 weeks

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