Displays, SD cards, USB hubs .. all those nice gadgets!

Hey guys, I’ve been working for a long time on a board that I call the TZATZIFFY 🙂
It is a TZATZIKI (SD card) + a ZIF connector to for an external Display. But have a look:


Features are:

  • Micro SD Card slot on the back, connected to CHIP via SDIO interface (faster compared to SPI)
  • DC/DC display back-light driver that works with all 40mA Displays. I’ve tested multiple inexpensive 5″ and 7″ Displays, e.g. this 7″ for only $25
  • 40-pin 0.5mm ZIF display adapter for resistiv touchscreen enabled displays (usually 800 x 480)
  • Small 3W audio amplifier to connect some tiny speakers to chip.
  • Dedicated micro USB Jack to power the Board + CHIP with only one power source

I’ve started this development in the Forum with some support from the glorious CHIP community, but I’m still not sure if I should build a couple of them! Therefore I need your help to determine the interest in this board. Please write a short comment to this post to let me know that you would be potentially interested and  I’ll build a couple of them if the interest is big enough 🙂 The first three board will go out to those who have supported me in the forum to get some test-mileage.

But wait … there is more … 

The TZATZIFFY was made to work as solder free SD only extension for Pocket CHIP! (replacing the TZATZIKI). This is prototype Nr 7, so you see that I’ve done quite some tinkering. I’ve received 25 Boards and it seamed to be the perfect design, small drills that would clamp on the pins of pocketchip, without bending.

It worked perfectly for 5 out of 25 boards. 3 had too big drilled holes, 17 too small holes .. unusable. So this is obviously a very tricky topic and I’ll dig further into it, but the good news is: I got 5 working boards (SD only) to give away for brave testers. They SHOULD work and I’ve tested all on my two PocketCHIP but I can’t guarantee it. I’ll throw them in the shop and you can decide if you want to test it.

Is that it? … It’s not!


I’ve received quite some requests for more QUESO II  USB-HUB’s with power supply’s.
and build some more! Those will be available in the shop as well.


Aaaaand that’s it for now .. leave me comments!!



  1. I don’t have my CHIPs yet, but I’d want a couple to play and test with – perhaps more depending on price. I’ve got a dozen or so CHIPs on order for several projects. Do they com fully assembled and ready to use or are they DIY?

  2. My current calculation says roughly $16 to $20 for a fully assembled board, the only thing you might have to solder would be the header. I can’t send them with header assembled for such low shipping cost (board would be too high).

  3. I think my Tzatizki probably covers my usual use cases, but I’d still be interested in the Tzatziffy if only for the addition of the amplifier.

  4. Hi, JKW! Great work!

    Will be an option of the Tzatizki with the audio amplifier? Or the Tzatziffy will be compatible with PocketCHIP?

    If so, count with me!

  5. Interested? Yes. Especially that you’ve put the effort to find compatible displays. I’m using one chip to build an echo clone. The other… this might be the path to something interesting. Now it just depends on cost.

  6. I would love to help test on my two pocketchips. But Im sure they have all been chosen to go to homes already but I’m always up for testing great work JKW!

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