8 more Tzatziki Boards for brave Beta – testers

Hey chipsters, version 7 arrived today (the one with the 0.9 mm drills) (funny, the version 6 (0.8mm drills) was ordered before but isn’t here yet).


I’ve assembled 12 Boards (Elecrow: Thanks for the two extra boards) and started testing.

The first board didn’t work and I found that one pin was drilled just a tiny bit to big, so the pin didn’t connect 🙁 I’ve still tested another board, just to see how it would work out, and it worked right away, woohoo

Those boards are only 1.0mm instead of 1.6mm so they look even nicer and leave even more pin for chip to connect to.

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Really cool, isn’t it?

I went on with testing and tested 8 boards good, until I found one board that was flipped around. Top was bottom and I’ve soldered the SD card socket on the top but inserted it as if it would be bottom. I realized that by the magic smoke that came out of pocketchip :(( I’ve tried to resurrect my poor little CHIP but I think this is dead :rip: … 🙁

Nevertheless, I do have 8 working boards! Its super important !! to alight the board like this:87b6c0a08d8623a7283fbc7c4c5d0354a6243f7d
this (version 7) is also the design that lets you exchange the sd card without removing the brezel or disassembling the board.


So 8/9 worked right away on MY pocketchip, that doesn’t say that it will always work fine. I’m still waiting for the 0.8mm version, it that works it COULD be even better … _but I guess that it wont fit at all :)_

Now, here is the question: Is anyone willing to test those (tested-good) boards? I’ve placed all 8 of them in the shop but be aware that this is still BETA TESTING. It’s possible that they won’t work on your pocket chip!! If you want to be safe: Wait until we hear back from those brave testers who have ordered the first three boards :clap:


PS: @gush please hurry with my five preordered CHIPs .. this is my third dead chip (all me being stupid and killing stuff .. ) , so I’ve only one left for testing of so much hardware :slight_smile:

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