PocketChip SD addon back in stock – last badge


Hi Chipsters,

Short version: New SD add-on boards for PocketChip are available, but may require soldering!

Longer version:
a while back NTC announced that there will be a new CHIP. I know as much about it as you do so I decided to stop building new/further boards until I can be certain that they’ll be compatible with the next generation CHIP. Many items, especially the SD add-on for PocketCHIP, have found their way into Chipsters hands in the meantime and the shop has been empty since.

I kept playing with my CHIPs and one project (the pen Plotter) required more storage capacity than CHIP could provide.
The big surprise was that I couldn’t find any Tzatziffys on my workbench. I gave them ALL away. So long story short: I’ve build new boards.

The good news: Many of you have ask via e-mail for one so I didn’t just build one or two, 40 are available.
The bad news: They don’t work solder free (for me). Same design, same manufacturer, but 5/5 boards I’ve tested require (a two minute) solder job.

Above you can see the steps that are required, just to show you how easy it is.
Remove the case, insert the board and add solder to 9 pins. Reassemble, done.
So if you think you can do it and you want the SD extension: 40 of them are available right here.
This is likely the final badge (and it is red) 🙂

Keep tinkering


  1. Arrived in the mail today. I had to solder as well. Works great. This will enhance the usefulness of my pocketchip. Thanks for making the board available.

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