$1 ChipStation Portable, Shipping Plugin fixed

Hey Chipsters,
thanks for your mails regarding the broken shipping plugin.
I’ve fixed the bugĀ and everyone should be able to order as usual.

My way of saying thank you:
I offer a ChipStationPortable for $1(+Shipping) for the first one
who comments on this blog entry (you have to have an account to
comment, I had to many spam-comments on the site).

Keep in mind that the CSP is not an easy board and that you have
to have some decent tinker skills to get it running!



  1. First… But I will let this go to someone who would actually use this. Thank you for offering such a great reward.

    So, Second person to comment.

    • Congrats, simply buy one banana (to get your address in the system) and select your preferred shopping method (I strongly recommend tracked shipment)!

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